September 22, 2022

Certification for our Partner Metaltherm SRL


I am pleased to inform you that our company Metaltherm srl during the month of September obtained the ISO TN 16949 quality certification. After a work that lasted two years (also due to the problems related to the pandemic) and which involved almost the entire company structure, we managed to achieve the desired goal. This certification is an essential element to be able to fully operate in the automotive sector, having all the requirements in terms of process, and data management. A truly exceptional result for our structure, of which the boys are rightly proud. I remind you that the heat treatment companies that in Italy can boast such a result are less than five.Thanking you for the trust you always give us, even in these difficult times, we greet you very warmly.

Piero Merlo

Chairman of the Board of directors

Metaltherm srl


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