Teamwork is a partnership of considerable ability, size and annual revenue. These accomplishments have been achieved thanks to the daily commitment of our group’s roughly 650 workers, and to the variety and complementarity of our production and processing, which follow a long and well-established tradition capable of continuously evolving in response to both technological advances and market demands.

Teamwork performs

  • Brass and aluminum hot forging
  • Precision machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Production of tape- and wire-shaped elastic components
  • Hard and natural anodising of aluminum and its alloys
  • High Pressure Die Casting and permanent mould in Aluminium small and medium series
  • High Pressure Die Casting in Aluminum with robotized cells, medium and big series
  • We are able to offer surface coatings in form of fluid coating for many industrial sectors: Automotive, furniture, toys, white goods, household appliances and parts for the civil electric industry
  • We offer powder coatings for all industrial sectors. Our plant can work with parts up to a height of 2m and a flow speed of 6m/min. All the equipment respects the ATEX.
  • We have a big experience in the field of mechanical machining. With our state of the art machine park of CNC centers we are able to produce parts in a dynamic and flexible way for many different industrial sectors with a high demand in complex parts and quality.
  • In addition being able to offer surface coatings in the fluid- and powder coating process, we can also offer galvanizing such as burnishing, manganese and zinc phosphating.
  • We can also offer a big experience in the field of injection molding and overmolding of metal parts. With a machine park of 60 – 900 tons we supply all industrial sectors with thermoplastics. We also produce most of the tools in our own house. We also offer you further work such as tampon and screen printing, coating, chromatization, metallization and assembly.
  • Precision metal deep drawn parts